Peggy L. Bird, Chief Judge

Kym E. Valencia, Chief Court Clerk,

Savannah Salazar, Probation,

Physical Address: 16-A Tayeh Huu U (102 East), Santa Fe, NM  87506

Phone: 505-455-5581 Fax: 505-455-9136



The court is a professional building where professional services are provided by competent and dependable staff to insure effective court process


CHIEF JUDGE PEGGY L. BIRD:  Supervises and manages the operations of the Court, including but not limited to the case docket, budget and funding sources, pro-tem judges, coordination of services with tribal departments and other tribal/state/federal departments and agencies, maintains communications with all relevant agencies and departments to foster partnerships and a reliable network system.

CHIEF COURT CLERK KYM E. VALENCIA: Processes all complaints, filings and pleadings on the case docket, processes and accounts for all fines, fees, costs, bonds, child support payments, and relevant judgments, ensures timely processing of all Court related invoices while adhering to all accounting standards and principles, works with other tribal and non-tribal departments and programs to meet the needs of our Court and to accomplish common goals.

PROBATION, SAVANNAH SALAZAR: sworn to investigate, report on, and supervise the conduct of offenders on probation, has personal interaction with those on probation, which may include visiting the probationer in their home or at their place of employment. Also partners with organizations in the community to help rehabilitate the offender and to provide supportive services.

NAMBE PUEBLO TRIBAL COURT: will provide efficient case management and processing from the filing to disposition of each case before the Court, and will apply proper procedures for cases following the Civil and Criminal Rules of Procedure, follow Due Process pursuant to the 1968, Indian Civil Right Act, and apply proper traditional and customary laws where appropriate.





INDIVIDUAL PETITIONS                                              $ 50.00

CORPORATION/BUISNESS PETITION                         $100.00

ALL APPEALS                                                              $100.00



ORDER OF PROTECTION                                           FREE PROCESS


PROBATE ACTIONS                                                    $ 50.00

MOTIONS/REQUESTS                                                 $ 5.00 EACH

SERVICE OF PROCESS                                               $ 40.00 EACH



BACKGROUND CHECKS                                             $ 65.00 EACH (FREE TO GOVERNMENT)



BACKGROUND CHECK                                                $ 30.00 EACH


FOREIGN JUDGMENT                                                 $ 30.00


ATTORNEY ADMISSION                                              $ 200.00 YR


ALL COURT COPIES                                                    $ 1.00 PER PAGE

ALL COURT RECORDINGS                                          $ 30.00 PER PROCEEDING

CERTIFIED COPIES                                                     $ 2.00 PER PAGE

FAXES                                                                         $ 2.00 EACH FAX

NOTARY FEES                                                             $ 5.00 EACH



Appropriate attire is mandatory for ANY appearance in Court, whether as a participant in a case, a witness or an observer. This not only helps maintain decorum but shows respect for our Tribal Court and laws.

As a general rule, you should think of the Court as a formal environment. Dress as you would when going for an important job interview. You will not be allowed in the Courtroom if you do not comply with the Court dress code. Regardless of how you personally feel about the dress code, you must follow the rules.


Men: wear shoes with socks; long pants (pants with belt loops, wear a belt or suspenders if needed); collared shirt or dress shirt (tucked in) tie is optional, with or without a jacket

Women: wear shoes; a dress, skirt two inches below the knee or long pants; a blouse, sweater or casual dress shirt

You will NOT be allowed to enter the Courtroom wearing the following inappropriate clothing:

  • Shorts (all types and styles).
  • Hats (men) or hair curlers (women).
  • Halter or tube top, T-shirt or muscle shirt, Tank tops or spaghetti strap tops, see-through top.
  • Flip flops, sandals or open toe shoes.
  • Clothing that exposes your midriff or underwear.
  • Ripped or torn jeans.
  • Baggy pants that fall below your waist.
  • Clothing with an emblem, wording, picture or image anything that promotes illegal or inappropriate activity.
  • Clothing that depicts or promotes violence, sex acts, illegal drug use or profanity.

If you wear or carry a cell phone or a pager, you must turn it off while Court is in session. The Judge will assess a $50 fine if your cell phone or pager goes off during Court. No texting while Court is in session.


  1. Keep all Court Appointments and be on time. If you are scheduled at 9:00 a.m., you must be signed in and seated in the Courtroom by 9:00 a.m.
  2. Remember to bring all Court documents to your scheduled hearing (Orders, summons, notices, motions etc.)
  3. Children are not allowed at Court. Unless requested by the Tribal Judge.
  4. Please respect Tribal Court Staff at all times. (Refrain from using inappropriate language.)
  5. Please respect Tribal Court Building and Furnishings at all times.
  6. YOU are on video surveillance at all times.
  7. Please use courteous and appropriate language such as “Yes, You’re Honor” and “No, You’re Honor” look directly at the Judge when you are speaking.
  8. Turn off cellphones, pagers etc. before entering the Courtroom. Leave all other personal items in your vehicle
  9. Food is not allowed in the Courtroom you may have 1 bottle/cup of water only.
  10. Dress appropriately for Court (Layered clothing is recommended.)
  11. Please respect all individuals who are present at Court.
  12. All Criminal and Civil proceedings are open to the public.
  13. All Juvenile proceedings are CLOSED. Please refrain from bringing individuals who are not a party to a juvenile case.  All individuals who are not a party to the juvenile case will be asked to wait in the reception area until Court has adjourned.
  14. Please keep the Tribal Court building and grounds clean at all times, please dispose of trash in proper receptacles.
  15. Smoking is not allowed.


  • Please check with the Court for Forms and Petitions.

Filing forms pro se refers to filing the forms in court yourself, without legal representation. In addition, even if you do end up using a lawyer, teaching yourself how to go through the process pro se can equip you to be your own best advocate.

FILL OUT FORMS: Be specific about what you are alleging and clearly state what you are asking the Court to do about it.  You must swear to what you are stating by signing this document in front of a notary public or another officer authorized to administer oaths.

ATTACHMENTS: Are supporting documents to support complaint all referenced attachments or required documents must be included with your complaint, incomplete complaints and/or Court forms WILL NOT BE FILED.

MAKE COPIES: An original copy for the Court, one copy for you, and one copy for each party. There will be a charge for copies at the Tribal Court.

FILING FEE: the filing fee is due when you file your complaint.  Please see list of filing fees and costs.

FILE YOUR COMPLAINT: Bring the originals, copies and the filing fee to the Nambe Pueblo Tribal Court. The Court is located at 16-A Tayeh Huu U (102 East), Santa Fe, NM  87506.  The Court is open Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Hand all your paperwork to the Clerk of the Court. At that time the clerk will file your paperwork and assign a case number.

SERVE – you must have each party served with a copy of the complaint and all attachments. (This is your responsibility)

After all parties are served they have thirty (30) days to file an answer or a responsive pleading.  If they do not and thirty (30) days have passed since the day your papers were served on them, you may ask the court for a default judgment.  This requires a separate form.

Court staff CAN help you with court procedures, rules and forms.

Court staff CANNOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE or talk about your rights. They CANNOT fill-out forms/petitions for you.  They CANNOT tell you if you have correctly worded your information or if you are properly presenting your case.


The following is a list of Attorneys who have practiced before the Nambe Pueblo Tribal Court.

ART NIETO                                                       BAR #12490                       P: 505-247-1973

RAY TWOHIG                                                   BAR #2761                         P: 505-898-0400

MICHAEL R. JONES                                        BAR #8984                         P: 505-820-1825

RODERICK THOMPSON                                 BAR #24759                       P: 505-982-5520

SEAN RAMIREZ                                               BAR #141638                     P: 505-830-6563

TERRY AGUILAR                                              BAR #124449                     P: 505-225-8778

YVONNE K. QUINTANA                                 BAR #8324                         P: 505-753-1911

SANTIAGO JUARES                                         BAR #5364                         P: 505-246-8499

THOMAS MONTOYA                                      BAR #1849                         P: 505-883-3070

GREGORY S. ARNOLD                                    BAR#2018-0308-01          P: 509-212-5311

GINA DENNIS                                                  BAR # 484556                    P: 505-702-3082

AMBER R. MACIAS-MAYO                            BAR # 146882                    P: 505-795-7117

SERENA C. VALLEY                                         BAR # 149454                    P: 505-795-7117

PATRICK BRITO                                               BAR # 321                          P: 505-984-1950

FRED C. MARTINEZ                                        BAR # 3107                        P: 505-242-1310

MICHAEL FLORES                                           BAR # 151097                    P: 505-989-9090

SHERI RAPHAELSON                                       BAR # 6643                        P: 505-927-3185


N.M. LEGAL AID                                                                                           P: 505-867-3391


UNM SCHOOL OF LAW                                                                              P: 505-277-5265



Directions from Santa Fe:

Depart on US 84/285/ North, St. Francis Drive (19 mi)

Turn right onto NM-503 East (4.5 mi)

Turn right onto NP 101 Poechunu Poe (1.5 mi)

Turn left onto NP 102-East Tayeh Huu U (141 ft.)

Arrive at 16 A 16A Tayeh Huu U, Nambe Pueblo


Directions from Espanola:

Depart on US 84/285/South, Riverside Drive (8 mi)

Turn left onto NM-503 East (4.5 mi)

Turn right onto NP 101 Poechunu Poe (1.5 mi)

Turn left onto NP 102-East Tayeh Huu U (141 ft.)

Arrive at 16 A 16A Tayeh Huu U, Nambe Pueblo



Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo

Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Court

P.O. Box 1128 San Juan Pueblo, NM 87566

Phone: (505) 852-4475 Fax: (505) 852-4350


Pueblo of Picuris

Pueblo of Picuris Tribal Court

P.O. Box 127 Penasco, NM 87553

Phone: (575) 587-2519 Fax: (575) 587-1071


Pueblo of Pojoaque

Pueblo of Pojoaque Tribal Court

58 Cities of Gold Road Santa Fe, NM 87506

Phone: (505) 455-2271 Fax: (505) 455-0102


Pueblo of San Ildefonso

Pueblo of San Ildefonso Tribal Court

Route 5, Box 315-A Santa Fe, NM 87506

Phone: (505) 455-7500 Fax: (505) 455-7942


Pueblo of Santa Clara

Pueblo of Santa Clara Tribal Court

P.O. Box 580 Espanola, NM 87532

Phone: (505) 753-0411 Fax: (505) 753-0466


Pueblo of Taos

Pueblo of Taos Tribal Court

P.O. Box 1846 Taos, NM 87571

Phone: (505) 751-0488 Fax: (505) 751-3552


Pueblo of Tesuque

Pueblo of Tesuque Tribal Court

Route 42, Box 360-T Santa Fe, NM 87506

Phone: (505) 989-4969 Fax: (505) 989-5037



Mailing Address:
Northern Pueblos Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs OJS
P.O. Box 4269-Fairview Station
Espanola, NM 87533


Physical Address:
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Northern Pueblos Agency
196 Eagle Drive
Ohkay Owingeh, NM 87566

Telephone: (505) 753-1430                        Fax: 505-753-1462