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Nanbe’ Owingeh pe’ Ovée Pu’wave!

Bí pu’wave náeae Nanbe’ Owingeh pe’.

Náeae Nanbe’dá ée t’oe’o’ na’inbí tuu ay kaywaamídí, na’inbí tuu-á ay múude’ na’inbí t’owa ton di múní’in ay taa’o’. Nanbe’ Owingeh tuu-á piháawi’ na muu hedáhá’ naa’inda’ ho’ ín hanginná háa ée hée’o’in na’inbí Owingeh. Na’inbí tuu-á di hée’o’ naa’in hedáhá dí kay’o’ na’inbí tuhpuukhuu pe’ – na’inbí t’owa, na’inbí kha’, na’inbí pehtsee’i, hedá na’inbí shade i’-á.

Puukhuu-á hanho’ na te’deepo’ náeae Nanbe’ Owingeh. Na’inbí puukhuu-á t’aehki t’owa ay máyae’ iweda’, wi’ wíyáe’ hedáhá’ t’aehkí na’inbí ówingeh i yému’: na’inbí wáymu’i’ shade ho’ t’aehkídibo’ hanbo’ ay máa wáymu’ na muní waai, na’inbí te’iwhó’yé-á héewo’ in maen t’aehkí iwe handa’ dée p’íwende’ naeae, hedi na’inbí ówingeh-á báíkí ho’ day sígí na’inbí nan ochu kwiyó hedáhá’ i’ báa’ay ay múude’ héewo’ ó má’véní’in t’aehkí haeaewí háawaen héewo’ ée o’di handidi ho’ ma’di ay híhchando’i’.

Haa, ta’yaen na muu baíkí ho’ ay múude’, báíkí bá t’oe ín po’, hedi wé’gi’in t’owa wáyyaa ówinge’indá hanbá ho’ day fadende’ inbí t’owa-ádí. Hebo’ na’indá kay’in i muu t’aehkidíbo’ ée khaeaeyintóidi wí k’uu kháa’i’ waai ay teye-í, yahoe i túdí t’aehkídí ée khaeaeyintóídí ho’ ma’danba paadépe’ héewo’ i pundée.

Welcome to Nanbé Owingeh (The Place of the Rounded Earth)

About Nambé Pueblo

Here at Nanbé, we work to revitalize our language, for language is an important part of our identity. The Nanbé Tewa language is unique, a dialect spoken at our Owingeh. Language expresses and strengthens tradition – of family, of song, of stories, and of dance.

Tradition is important at Nanbé Owingeh. Ceremonies center our people individually and our community as a whole: traditional dances continue, the Kiva is active, and the community is involved in caring for the environment and protecting our natural resources.

Challenges remain, as is the case in many other communities in Indian Country. But, we have a strong foundation and together we shall move forward!