Nambé Falls & Lake Recreation Area

We are open for the 2024 season

Hours of Operation: 

Thursday through Monday

7:00am to 7:00pm

Information Call: (505)455-2304



The Pueblo of Nambé, home to one of the most spectacular natural waterfalls in the southwest, is situated in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains,  and encompasses nearly 20,000 acres of high desert landscape. Nambe, originally “Nanbe”, meaning round earth, is one of six Tewa-speaking pueblos of Northern New Mexico. In 1976, as part of the San Juan Chama project, a dam was built above the falls to supply irrigation water to the Pojoaque Valley. Shortly thereafter, the Pueblo opened the Nambé Falls Recreation Area to visitors for camping, hiking and fishing.

What to Expect

Always carry drinking water, as temperatures in the summer are often high. The Ranger Station has water, soda, snacks and ice for sale.


Two trails, each ~ ¼ mile, lead to the waterfalls from the Ramada Area. One trail climbs up the hill ending in a spectacular view of the waterfalls from above, while the other trail goes along and through the river winding up at a beach area at the lowest pool. If you take the low trail, expect to get wet and remember the river height fluctuates according to season. Wearing water shoes, shorts and carrying a pack to hold your belongings are all recommended.

Pets are always welcome as long as they are leashed at all times and their owners clean up after them.

Please note that with the amount of time it takes to hike the two trails to the falls and to truly appreciate the scenery, if you try to access the park after 6:00 pm, you will not get in. Visitors that are here for day use only are asked to start exiting the park at 6:30 pm because the gates close at 7:00 pm.

If camping, we highly recommend arriving before 7:00 pm so that you are checked in before close of business.

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Rates*  (CASH ONLY)                                                    

Day Rates (per carload)                                                     $20 per day                                   Sightseeing, Hiking, Picnics

Basic Campsite                                                                    $40 per day/per vehicle

Ramada Campsite                                                              $60 – $80 per day/per vehicle             -Water/electrical hookups

Ramada Rental                                                                   $60 to $80 per day


Fishing Rates*:

Adults (5 fish bag limit)                                                                                               $18.00 per day/per person

Seniors – 65 and over  (5 fish bag limit)                                                                  $12.00 per day/per person

Military, Veterans and First Responders   (5 fish bag limit)                               $15.00 per day/per person

Children 12 and under (3 fish bag limit)                                                                 $10.00 per day/per person

Extra fishing pole                                                                                                         $2.00 per pole

Fishing Tackle Rental                              $20.00 per set/per day (includes: 1 fishing pole and 1 tackle box with basic gear)

Boats (electric motors only)                                                                                        $20.00 per day

Watercraft i.e Rafts, Paddle Boards, Float Tubes, Canoes*                                 $15.00 per day/per craft

*Please note that all watercraft fees are in addition to daily fishing and/or entry fees. All persons on watercraft must have a life vest on at all times. We only rent kayaks. For all other watercraft, you must bring your own.

Kayak Rental Fees* 

Single Person Kayak

30 min – $20

1 hr – $30

Two-Person Kayak

30 min – $25

1 hr – $35


The kayak rental fees are in addition to the Daily Admission Fee of $20 per vehicle.

Everyone who’s going to use a kayak must sign Release form (including those that bring their own).


*Subject to change

For campsite reservations, special events, and information please call

(505) 455-2304.

Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook @ NAMBE Pueblo Rangers.





Nambé Falls and/or Nambé Pueblo are not responsible for accidents, damage or theft to personal property.