The Nambe Pueblo Buffalo herd was established in 1994 with assistance from the Inter Tribal Buffalo Council. A fenced pasture was dedicated to the herd, and a number of Pueblo fields were volunteered for the production of alfalfa for supplemental feed during winters and periods of drought.

The Pueblo has a history of annual buffalo hunts on the eastern plains of New Mexico until the herds were eliminated after European contact. The introduction of buffalo to the Pueblo had great traditional meaning, and the ability to view these majestic animals has reinvigorated the Buffalo Dance at Nambe. The occasional slaughter of a surplus buffalo is conducted in a solemn, and respectful manner, and all parts of the animal are used as was done in the past. The meat is distributed to elders and other tribal members, and is highly prized for its health benefits and flavor.

The pastures are in need of rehabilitation, and so the herd size has been reduced until the lands can support a larger number of animals in a sustainable fashion.

A 2-mile trail loops around the buffalo pasture, offering stunning views of the Pueblo lands and the mountains beyond. The trail head starts at the Wellness Center and can be accessed throughout the day hours. Information about the buffalo and guided tours of the buffalo pasture can be arranged by calling Andrew Gonzales, Herd Manager, (505) 455-4447.